1 - Rule Breaking & Circumvention

1.1 - Do not incite or encourage breaking or circumventing our rules and guidelines.

1.2 - Staff decisions are final, if you disagree with a decision that has been made then please take it up with Chris via PM.

2 - Behaviour

2.1 - Spamming or flooding the chat with messages is not allowed.

2.2 - Walls of text & images are not allowed unless absolutely necessary.

2.3 - Arguments should be kept to the appropriate channels or took to private conversations.

2.4 - Your behaviour must abide by the Discord terms of service.

2.5 - Respect each other, everybody has different opinions and being able to express them is good.

2.6 - Sending private messages to users without reason or asking prior is not allowed.

2.7 - Trolling or being a general nuisance is discouraged.

2.8 - Racist, Homophobic, anti-LGBT+ or any other form of discriminating content has no place in our server.

2.9 - Pornographic and sexual content should be posted elsewhere, not our server.

3 - Advertising

3.1 - Advertising links, websites or discord invites without staff permission is not allowed unless in context of the conversation.

3.2 - Any form of advertisement to members in our server via private conversation is not allowed.

4 - Bots

4.1 - Using self / user bots is not allowed.

4.2 - Spamming commands of our bots is not allowed.

5 - Voice

5.1 - Repeatedly joining channels and switching channels will result in your use of the voice chats being limited.

5.2 - Playing sound boards and music through your microphone is not allowed if other users do not want it.

5.3 - Annoying and high pitched noises are strictly not allowed.

5.4 - Voice altering software is not allowed (exceptions to voice enhancers).

6 - Bugs & Exploits

6.1 - In the event that you believe you have found a bug or exploit, please report it to Chris via PM, testing bugs and exploits without permission or reasonable forewarning is forbidden.